Charity Workshops

                         BTCV Film Screening of 
                      Where the Wild Things Are


On a small woodland conservation site, in a cabin we screened the film Where the Wild Things Are. The room was low-lit and dressed up as a paper forest, to bring to life the setting of the film. Once the film had been screened the kids got down to using their craft making skills. Using a mixture of materials they made mask and paws to become their own wild animal characters. We ended the event by all getting together for a Wild Thing picnic feast.


BTCV 'Tree Dressing' Workshop
In the middle of a cold winter we held a tree decorating event. Using lots of natural materials, we plaited wool and fabrics, weaved wood with beads and string, and made colourful card birds with feathers. We then hung them outdoors on the trees around the conservation site, as a tree blessing and an alternative to the Christmas tree decorating.