Studio and School Workshops


                       Jubilee School Art Club



Weekly classes where held for small groups of kids aged five to six at the Jubilee primary school. Some of the kids had additional needs like Autism or behavioral difficulties and these classes helped to give them relief and some time away from the classroom environment. Our topics changed constantly from creating our own fantasy creatures, to making transparent paper window displays by using found objects (pictured). We also branched out frequently into other topics, learning new skills in cookery classes and an on-going gardening project.

The Chocolate Box Workshop 
with ArtBox Fremantle
This one day workshop was run through the artist's organisation ArtBox, for young people making art. The children developed their cookery and craft making skills in this class, by exploring and experimenting with the art of making chocolates. Using a variety of flavours and aromas to match and make a mouth watering chocolate collection. The cooking demanded skill for combining complimentary flavours, delicacy and consideration were needed in the making and presentation of the chocolates, and for the box. The boxes were constructed and decorated with the student's individual designs, giving them a beautiful and delicious finished product.

The Re-vamp / Re-cycle Summer School Project 
at Chaucer Secondary School

This was an exciting project for the schools soon to be Year 7s to adjust to their new environment  The students had a programme of activities from which they could learn new skills. From Photosop, fashion photography, machine and hand stitching to re-designing old clothes into something new. The ethos of the project was to challenge what was seen as waste, and with old clothes - and tons of creative thinking, give them a new look and a new life. The aim of the classes was to also give them a variety of hands-on and practical art skills, which would help to raise there confidence and prepare them for secondary school.

Introduction to Digital Black and White Photography,
 Chaucer Secondary School

This was a workshop intended to boost the skills and practice of GCSE students. Using Digital SLR cameras we introduced the functions and techniques of how to use a camera. We then explored the work of other photographers and the basic elements of how to take an effective photograph. We next went on-site to practice taking landscape photographs. To complete the introduction a class was given in the basics of Photoshop, how to use cropping, composition  contrast and tone as part of the photograph.